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Description: This supplement detoxifies whole body and rejuvenates mind & body, naturally. It is Acute Oral Toxicity Test performed (OECD TG425), Globally Harmonized System of Classification & Labeling of Chemical Test (GHS), Copyright UN 2009. 2 yrs above can take it and even people with prolonged diseases.


Rejuvenate detoxifies blood and eventually makes One’s immune stronger and the supplement is classified into three categories, within same name ‘Rejuvenate’. It is well known to Naturally cure Bone joints related problems, Blood related problems and Sinus related problems. The herbs and spices used in the supplement are all Nepali. The herbs are either self-grown or collected from selected growers throughout Nepal, including government agencies. We process and manufacture them at our own premise based in Kathmandu. The supplement has been certified as 100% chemical & heavy elements free by relevant department.

प्रथमतः तपाईंको आमासय वा पेटको प्रायः समस्या हल गर्छ। पेट ठिक नभए अरु केही राम्रोसँग ठिक हुन्न / गर्न सकिन्न। तसर्थ भनिन्छ, "हामी जे खान्छौं त्यही बन्छौं" । पेट ठिक पारेर तपाईंको शरीरमा स्फुर्ती बढाउनेछ र स्वास समस्या हल हुँदै जान्छ। 10-20 दिनमै हड्डी का समस्या कम हुँदै जान्छन् र एक महिना पूरा हुदाहुदै तपाईंको रगत सफा गर्छ। 100 मा दस case मा यो तीन महीनाको gap राखेर फेरि तीन महिना लिन पर्ने हुन्छ।


Ingredients: - Bunium Persicum, Trigonella Foenum Graecum , Caraway, Thymes, Nigella Sativa, Phyllanthus Emblica,


रू 3000 रू 3200

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